All About Live Dealer Casino Backstage and Its Features

Online live dealer casinos are gaining popularity since the age of the internet has arrived in the early 2000s. The fundamental reason for their success is pretty unambiguous. They offer the best of both worlds. The opportunity to enjoy gambling from the comfort of your place is simply undeniable, especially for those who earlier made frequent visits to Las Vegas. The best part of a live casino is, you can see the dice being rolled or the cards being dealt in real-time. Follow this article to learn more about these games.

All About Live Dealer Casino Backstage and Its Features

Operating Cycle

The whole concept of live casino involves a brick and mortar casino or a live set. From there, live games are broadcasted to the audience participating in the games from home. While the essentials, such as anchoring the competition and announcing the results, are done by an actual dealer, algorithms and software take care of all financials. This eliminates all kinds of human error regarding finance.

Live streaming is a complicated phenomenon, so online casinos typically have a lot more technology involved than a physical one. There usually have a handful of cameras installed in the set. All the top tier live casinos love to show their action from every possible angle. You might think it is the dealer running the business, but the fact is a large number of tech crews run the whole show on the ground level.

Live casino sets are mostly based on East European cities where labours are cheap yet pretty looking. Latvian city Riga is the de facto capital of live dealer games. Baltic countries like Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia with Georgia (the country, not the state), and Ukraine dominate the live casino streaming market.

Different Types

Live casinos can be categorised into three different types, mainly. All online gambling solution comes under any of these three types. The most popular one is the ones which are designed for broadcasting games. Those are like live tv sets, but they shoot gambling. Some live gambling sites air actions from a land-based casino. Lastly, the least popular ones are those who broadcast live action on cable networks. 

Distinctive Features

  • Live games so close to your eyes that you will never miss any detail of the game
  • The live casinos allow you to play from any device with an internet connection
  • Live interaction with the dealer and other players keeps you invested in the game
  • Online gambling solutions provide more cross-selling options than a regular one
  • Results, which does not depend on R&G algorithms, attract more players
  • The best feature of live casino is undoubtedly the chance of playing a game anytime at your convenience.

Games Offered

A portfolio of any standard live casino consists of the golden trio of Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat of different types. Apart from the “Big Three” Poker, the fortune wheel, and some custom games are also offered by many live dealer sites. 

Custom games are the main attraction of any live casino. They are the crowd puller. The casino with more fascinating and unique game gets more business to do. So every live casino tries to invent newer games. For example, famous live casino Asia Live Tech offers games like Sic Bo, Fan-tan, and Xoc Dia. These games may be unknown to you, but these have a massive market in the Asian continent.

Advantages of Live Casinos Over Regular Casinos

The reason why live casinos getting a big chunk of regular casinos business is people nowadays prefer placing bets without visiting anywhere. With a regular casino, you can’t do it. You have to visit their premises to place a bet while you just need a smart device for online casino gambling. This is a considerable advantage to ignore for a frequent gambler.

Also, there’s no hiding from the fact that recent government crackdowns of FOBTs have resulted in a lack of trust in structured casinos. If there’s anything, a gambler hates the most is a rigged game. That is why software-based gambling solutions are gaining more popularity with each day passing by.

Final Thoughts

The future of the live casino industry is undoubtedly looking very bright as the industry is progressing at an incredible speed. In the ICE Totally Gaming 2018 convention, the rapid movement towards virtual reality was showcased. 

New inventions in online gambling sectors are debuting every single day. Like the Swedish gaming conglomerate NetEnt’s ‘Live Beyond Live’ project. It is a virtual lobby where players can relish a multi-table environment with live gambling. So we can assume live casinos are going to get bigger and better in time to come.

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