Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining Online Casino VIP Programs

Online casinos come in all shapes and sizes. However, one thing is common between them. All of them offer some sort of joining incentive in the form of free spins and/or cash bonuses. As the number of options increases every day, you’re spoiled with choices. So, choosing the right online casino can be quite a difficult task.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining Online Casino VIP Programs

Nowadays, casinos are playing a unique trick to secure their own loyal customer base. They are doing it by giving away lucrative VIP schemes and loyalty bonuses. Our topic of discussion for this article is the pros and cons of online casino’s VIP schemes. 

The Advantages

Let’s start with good benefits. Here are some advantages to owning a casino VIP pass.

Complete a tier, get Free Bonus

VIP programs usually come with different levels of achievements which can only be unlocked by playing more games. After completion of each level or tier, your reward will be free cash bonuses. Whenever you join any VIP scheme, you will be levelled as a beginner. Your goal will be to rise through the levels and achieve the top tier prizes, which generally are very alluring.  

The more you spend, the faster you reach the top level. You can check your live progress and money to reach the next goal. Yes, these schemes can make you spend more, but, they also offer you a decent amount of free cash along with personal satisfaction for level completion. 

Personalised Support

Personalised customer care support is a perk of holding a VIP pass. You will have your own VIP account manager with whom you can share your issues and queries. They will resolve your issues much faster than a non-VIP pass holder. You will no longer be in the line for representatives to call you back. This VIP treatment can be quite beneficial, especially when you have any doubts. 

However, having casino personnel to look after your account doesn’t mean you own them. Always remember key account managers are human too. Don’t yell at them or make them do impossible things. Always be nice to them, and they in return will be very helpful to you.  

Earn VIP Rewards

VIP schemes come with exclusive rewards which range from free spins to exclusive access. Sometimes these rewards can be as big as Holiday packages and invitation to events in luxurious hotels. These schemes offer an array of exclusive benefits and promotions which can only be accessed by heavy spending gambling fanatics with VIP passes. 

So my suggestion is whenever you’re getting VIP membership because of your loyalty to a particular casino, grab it. Though these memberships have some lags, which we’ll discuss in our next segment, they sometimes can be quite rewarding in nature. 

The Disadvantages

Here are a few disadvantages of getting a VIP pass. 

Waiting for the Invitation

Some online casinos distribute VIP passes through an invitation process only. Here you can’t get the VIP membership even if you are ready to pay for it. The casino authorities decide whom to get on-board in the VIP section by looking at the player’s spending spree. 

Here, you’ll be only eligible to get membership after spending a certain amount of money or reaching a certain level. This means you have to deposit on a regular basis for some time before being invited to the VIP arena.

Addiction to Playing

The level designing in VIP schemes are made for making players addicted to the game. They generate a false sense of accomplishment that pushes you to play more and more. These casinos show your progress through the levels and attract you to complete your level as soon as possible with attractive rewards. This can create a severe gambling addiction that can take over your life as well as your savings. 

Always be smart with your gambling choices. Don’t fall prey to gambling addiction. Make sure you’re playing these games with your spare money only. Constant money spending can cause serious damages to your finances and can even make you go bankrupt. 

Promises don’t always pay off as expected

Many casinos misleadingly market their VIP schemes. They tend to talk up their VIP features and benefits, but in reality, those features are not always available. They promise you things which they can’t provide. Most users hate these types of cunning acts. Still, some casinos choose to do it. 

Casinos can be quite good in luring players with lucrative promotions. They don’t always make fake promises, but whenever they do, it could be an experience to forget for any player. 


VIP schemes are an extension of already existing offers of a casino. Whether you join any VIP club is completely up to you. Our suggestion, in this case, will be, you should do an extensive background check before deciding to join any VIP program. 

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