Debunking 3D Roulettes and the 3D Play of it


Roulette games are super simple to learn, and once you get the hang of it, there is nothing much complicated about the whole spin and flow of it. You can either win or lose with the very same spinning inertia. Now, whether you really need to spin or not in a 3D format is up to you and to your conscience. But let’s see how it all works, shall we? 

The Main Principle

Well, you get to see some spinning reds and blacks on a tabletop with a decent slope and angle. This is known as the roulette machine. If it’s a physical table, you can see how the round mass spins and glides and how well it can spin with one blow. There will be some click sounds as well as the bet sounds too. With all these, the whole experience will be rather big and high. That’s not the case with 3D and 2D roulette games. Here, everything is graphics and the graphically built game table has its own limitation to produce the larger effects. Well, you may see some extra special lights and twinkles and even some sounds, but that’s all special effects to lure you down.

The Wheel and the Ball

Roulette is all about the wheel and the ball and without the physical wheel and ball, there won’t be anything physical about it. Roulette tables come with a lot of shine and gloss and that has nothing to do with the game per se. Once you begin your bet game, the ball and the wheel are your weapons and these gears are the power tools for your wins. In a 3D or a 2D game, you don’t get to literally throw the ball on the wheel and you don’t get to feel the real deal of the spin table. There will be only sounds and lights that flash according to your spin. With this, you have to intimate yourself how good have been the throws and spins. So, if you are a graphic lover, you can stick to the 3D game but if you love to smell the ball and see the real wheel spins, then you have to go for real Roulette.

It’s all about Science

Roulette game is all about science and by this means, it’s all according to your throw of the ball and the spin of the wheel that decides the win or loses. The bearing of the spin wheel and the lubrication will decide how much more to spin and where to stop. The same applies to the glossy ball and how much friction it has to land and stop on the wheel counter. In 3D and virtual games, you can’t expect these thighs to happen, and there won’t be any physical elements to change your course.

The Random Number Generator and the Play

This sophisticated unit can be called the brain of the game. This decides all the winning and matching in the virtual roulette game. This generator knows where to stop and where to land the ball. That’s not the case with the physical game and the table. The real roulette only has one rule. ‘Everything depends upon the ball speed’. That’s why all are behind it, and they know this is better than anything funky. Apart from this, the real roulette can be controlled by you to get the odds.

Say NO to Download Software

You should not download any casino or any other gaming software to your systems because it can contain a lot of malicious bugs and threats. No antivirus software can help you here. So, keep an open eye on this and play wisely. Apart from this, what you are looking at it is a 3D, 2D virtual game. The more you play here, the more confident you will become and the more win you can score. This is the final selling principle of online roulette games. So, whether you like it or not, you can get a ton of fun and excitement through this platform.


If you are a fan of roulettes and are dying to play some, then you can go for the virtual ones. This will give you a gist of the real game. But if you have a casino near you and they have some really good roulette tables, go for it over these online wonders!

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Blog Name: Debunking 3D Roulettes and the 3D Play of it

Posted On: 16/03/2023

Author: Jennifer Albee

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