10 Best Poker Songs Of All Time

This is our opinion of the definitive list. It’s a great starting point to research further into artists who used poker language to express affection, fears, passions, and even certain health issues. We present the greatest casino poker songs ever recorded, from Delta blues to pure American country to rock anthems and pop bangers.


1. The Stranger Song – Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s The Stranger Song was released in 1967. It was inspired by the 1955 movie The Man with the Golden Arm. The Stranger Song is a story about a woman who finds herself in relationships with men who don’t want to settle and instead chases the vague and unattainable dream of being a perfect woman.

Leonard refers to them as “dealers,” who deal with random combinations of cards and “watch for the card that’s so wild, he won’t need to deal another.” Tired of seeing another man in her family play poker, the woman quits and searches for a new guy. Cohen’s haunting beat and the profound lyrics make this song one of Cohen’s best songs about poker.

2. Rock Poker Songs You Will Enjoy Loud

Are you ready for rock? You can write a note to your neighbours and apologize for playing too loud music. The following songs about poker will blow your ears! Get your leather jackets on and prepare to rock out to these classic rock anthems that will raise the roof!

3. The Jack – AC/DC

The Jack by AC/DC is a slew of poker references, including aces, full houses, royal flush, and even aces. This 1976 song by the Australian rock band tells a story of, wait for it: a venereal illness. For those who don’t know, “the Jack” is an Australian term for gonorrhea. 

It seems like the whole band got this STD at one point and decided to have some fun with it (and make it into a cool rock song). We won’t get into the details, but the lyrics are about poor hygiene and dishonesty by the woman. The gist is clear.

It’s amazing to see how AC/DC changed the lyrics of this song over the years. Many of the poker references in live performances have become more explicit. This is one of the best poker songs of all time.

4. Diamond Jack – Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash may be the most obscure band in our collection, but their 1977 song is filled with poker references to the brim. This upbeat tune presents the philosophy of life using the metaphor of high-stakes poker. The band discusses the uncertainties of life and how to take things as they come.

Black magic or Lady Luck might be a reference to another part of popular culture. The Cincinnati Kid movie shows a young man pretending to be a punter who draws a jack from diamonds to make a highly unlikely straight.

We may never know the story behind the lyrics, but we won’t let that stop us from reaching for our microphones and singing along. It’s one of the greatest poker songs of all time.

5. Robert Johnson – Little Queen of Spades

Robert Johnson’s blues-based classic is the most popular in the poker songbook. It is also filled with gambling references, such as the little queen of spades that no man will leave.

Johnson is also one of them and gets chills whenever she’s around. Johnson repeatedly sings that he is “gonna get a Gamblin’ woman” because a woman to whom he can give all of his money is the last thing a man wants.

Johnson proposes to the “little queen” of spades to be his partner in the union that will “make our money green.” It doesn’t matter if he talks about money in poker or having a romantic relationship. His verses hit the right chord.

6. Face – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s rise in stardom coincided almost exactly with the global poker boom that began in the early 2000s. The girl couldn’t help but capitalize on the growing popularity of the game.

Lady Gaga’s Pokerface draws parallels between poker and love. It features an infectious beat and tons of poker-heavy lyrics like “I wanna hold em just like they do in Texas” and “can’t see my poker face.”

This Texas Holdem song isn’t going anywhere soon, and unlike the many personas, Gaga has worn and shed throughout her career. It’s one of the best poker songs of all time.

7. Poker Face – Ghostface Killah ft. Shawn Wigs

You can’t go wrong with some World Series of Poker TV footage, the sound of poker chips clanging, and a few lines from Rounders (1998) drama about the underground poker world.

Poker Face may be the ultimate musical tribute to poker in 21st-century America. 

Ghostface Killah doesn’t waste time using poker terms to refer to love. He instead takes us on a rhythmic journey through the essence of poker, with verses such as “you can’t even make much if you believe in luck.” This is a great line of advice. Can you name a serious gambler that can’t relate? You are!

Ghostface Killah even refers to Kenny Rogers’ The Gambler, one of the most famous songs about poker. He says: “This is no-limit hold ’em. You gotta know when you need to fold them.” That’s some great rapping!

8. Frank Sinatra -B Luck Be a Lady

Luck Be a Lady first appeared in Guys and Dolls. Frank Sinatra immortalized the song a decade later. Frankie is a master of delivery. His singing is impeccable, and it’s easy to write a book about his charm. We must admit that Frankie was a master of his craft when he compared women to luck in poker with all the clever comments he makes from each verse.


We hope you enjoyed these songs about poker and that you had fun listening to them. To appeal to all tastes, we tried to cover as many styles as possible.

Did you enjoy any of them? Did you like any of them? Why not add them to a playlist for your next game with friends? You might get some additional tracks, or you could have an all-night party with poker themes!

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